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Rituals for moving home

[originally published at Dowsing for Divinity]

I have just moved from Oxford, England, to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. As you can imagine, this will cause some emotional upheaval. I feel very rooted in England, and am concerned about the issue of land stolen from Indigenous people in Canada, and the effects of colonialism on their wellbeing and way of life.

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What is “Spirituality”?

What is spirituality?  A friend recently asked me this and, in spite of decades of reading and writing about the topic, I found myself fumbling with a Justice Potter Stewart-style “I know it when I feel it” answer.

My friend had a ready answer and listed off three or four characteristics of a spiritual experience.  His answer was only partially satisfactory to me.  So I sat down to give this some thought and here’s what I came up with me.

This is not intended to be authoritative or prescriptive for anyone.  This is simply a description of the kind of experiences that I have which I call “spiritual”.

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